HMRC have stated that in order to claim the Self Employed Income Support Scheme, for which you will receive a letter at the end of May/Beginning of June, you will be required to have set up a Government Gateway Account. HMRC have stated that accountants will not be able to make a claim on your behalf, I have therefore put together a short step by step process on how you can make sure you are ready to make a claim once the letter arrives.

I would advise you do this now, so you can make a claim on day one of receiving the letter.


HMRC have added a tool which allows you to check whether you are entitled to claim and register interest early, the below process will confirm whether you are eligble and if so, from what date and time you can claim from.

it appears by doing this method first before waiting for your letter, you should be able to claim early, between 13th and 18th May 2020

Once you have confirmed when you can claim, you will need to proceed to create a Government Gateway ID and Password, as you will need this, when making the claim later on.

Whether you just check when you can claim, or whether you proceed to create a Government Gateway account, you will need your UTR (Tax Reference Number) and your National Insurance number.


Once you have received the date and time you can claim from, you will need to click the below link to start the process of claiming.

Remember. This step is after the date hmrc have confirmed the day you can claim and after you have set up your Government Gateway Account.